How could this have happened? Only as a read the first few posts on Bitmob did I notice the ad for a service which gets followers for people, now you might say, it is for networking purposes. (  Then I looked at the clientele, only to see that a disturbing amount of them did not seem to have any good reason to have four thousand followers.  So now I am going to explain my title, there was once a time where a large population in China was addicted to opium, literally paying for the downfall of their own nation from their pockets.  (

So now humanity is doing the exact same thing.  If you are not familiar with Twitter it is a social networking website where anyone can post anything in 140 characters or less.  A less PR-like description would be it is the death knell of thoughtful writing within the masses. Now that anyone can just say whatever they want, to anyone, anytime, people are thinking less, writing more, and killing long form features which made things like some of the better EGM features great. Now we get (no offense meant) Scott Sharkey’s Top Fives and Tens on Whatever. Which are fine, but sometimes it’s nice to see some thought and care put into an article.  It was bad enough when it was free, but now people are paying other people so that they can spew whatever inane drivel they so choose. (Not unlike this, although I hope this is better put together than some Twitter posts I have seen) They are actually paying to kill off one of the best outputs of the human mind.  So next time you think you need more people to hear you talking, either become a politician, a televangelist, or a news anchor, don’t pay for Twitter followers. Remember, friends don’t let friends spew crap all over the internet.  

P.S. Sorry Shoe and Crispin and the rest of crew for crapping on your sponsor.