Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my welcome-to-Bitmob post. You’re welcome. 

For months, I’ve been watching Shoe, Demian and co. wringing grand ideas from their gray matter for this site. They never even knew I was there, lurking just within earshot, disguised as a waiter or homeless man or a fine piece of topiary or Robocop III. They don’t know that I know EVERYTHING.

If anything happens to me, their precious Bitmob blueprints will be mailed to Electronic Gaming Monthly for publication in the next issue. Think of it as my little insurance policy. I will not let the mob intimidate me!

But I will post stories here from time to time. I don’t write for the games media anymore, but I still love games, so this place is a great creative outlet for me–and you! Because if you knew what I know,  you would be very, very stoked about the opportunities this site will bring the gaming community. 

Mob rules!

Crispin Boyer