(This was stolen from my 1UP blog that I just posted. Sorry for the 1UP pic!)

    I planned on posting a feature about some must-have PSP games since I couldn’t think of too much else to blog about, but then I picked up Patapon 2 and that whole blog idea just washed away. Patapon 2 is an excellent game for the PSP and it is just way too addictive. I believe that it’s the second PSP game I’ve purchased all year (Parappa the Rapper on PSP was too good to let go), and I really don’t regret the purchase. The game features a new and fairly deep evolution system for your Patapon soldiers. You can evolve your Patapon to be a powerhouse, to be fast, to have high resistance to elements, then you can level them up to help boost these stats.

    Some classes in the game can only be unlocked by exploring your evolution chart. Learning one evolution type (which is unlocked by spending ka-ching, along with fangs, wood, stone, etc.) will unlock another, and sometimes an evolution path may branch off into a new class type for you to create and have join your forces.

    Another interesting feature is the Hero class. The Hero is a powerhouse character who shows his true colors when he’s in Fever Mode. Successfuly timed button presses while in Fever Mode will put your Hero into Hero Mode, which makes him use his special power. If your Hero is a Yaripon, for example, will give you a widespread spear attack that deals massive damage (hee hee). Making him a Tatepon will give your entire party a shield that blocks pretty much all damage dealt to you, at the cost of mobility and certain moves by the rest of your army. You can switch your Hero’s class and evolution type on his equipment screen, just before you move out for your mission.

    I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. playing this game, putting in about five hours. Therein lies the problem. This is where my title ‘Patapon 2 and what it’s done to me" comes into play. I woke up maybe five times in the five and a half hours of sleep I got, worried about the game. First I woke up because I thought I was still holding the PSP and had the game running (hint: I didn’t). Then I kept waking up because I was in some weird dream state where I thought that all of my Patapons were asleep, and by me waking up, they would wake up and get back into battle.

        That, my friends, is absolutely bat shit crazy.