I wouldn’t consider myself a Star Trek fan.  I don’t watch the series or read any of the books.  However, I was browsing through my game library after watching an advance screening of the new Star Trek movie and found an old game for the much maligned Sega Genesis add on, the 32x.

The game, with the catchy title Star Trek Starfleet Academy:  Starship Bridge Simulator, is not good.  In fact it’s a bit of a mess.  The basic premise is that you are fighting in your spaceship in first person.  That’s pretty much it.  Sure you can play pool or 3-d chess in the rec room, but each level consists of you sitting in the captains chair, looking into space and attempting to fight other spaceships.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy: Starship Bridge Simulator Screenshot

The only known image of STSA: SBS, at least to my limited knowledge.

This game might be impossible to play.  In the first few levels you need to fight invisble enemies.  Invisible enemies in space.  Try fighting something that can blend in to an almost totally black background and tell me how it goes.  You have a better chance of beating the game by blindfolding yourself and hiding the controller than by actually attempting to play it.  However, after my playtime with this I began to develop a whole new appreciation for the analog stick.  Attempting to move in a 3-d space with a Genesis d-pad is nearly impossible. 

So, I don’t know why I own this, but I do.  If you can find it on e-bay, stay away from it.  Chances are you’re not as big of a sucker as I am and you don’t even own a 32x anyway.