With the news about various websites using Konami’s classic cheat code yesterday, it’s only fitting that a blip this morning involves the game that made it famous: Contra. If only this code would get some more love. Sigh…

News Blips:

• Wii rebirths old-school frustration. Publisher Konami announced a re-envisioning of its classic Contra series is coming to WiiWare. In Japan. Sorry, masochists! (Note: Inputting the Konami Code on Konami’s website does nothing. Um, lame). [Konami via GoNintendo]

Franchise Fighter: Capcom’s best-selling series. Fans of stats and/or lists best check out the all-time sales numbers for Capcom’s biggest moneymakers. Can you guess the winner? We’ll give you a hint — it’s not Steel Battalion. [Kotaku]

Gotta catch ’em all…again? Oh, hell. Nintendo announced it’s remaking the GameBoy Color versions of Pokémon Gold or Silver for people who still care. Or are 12. Regardless of how stoked you are, you’re nowhere near as jazzed as these cats. [GoNintendo]

Guitar Hero franchise needs rescuing. Seems monster-sized publisher Activsion Blizzard is keen on turning the once-hip series into something as cool as the Jonas Bros. The Hollywood Reporter claims a, get this, Guitar Hero TV series in the works. Not vomit-inducing enough? A live tour is also being discussed. Let the hurl fly, my friends. [The Hollywood Reporter via Kotaku]
Set your phasers to (occasional) fun: Best and worst Star Trek games. Kotaku compiles a list of the coolest and crappiest games based on the long-running series about dudes in space who like to diplomat and stuff. Also: Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan! [Kotaku]
Click the jump for some video blips, including a head-bopping, plant-inspired zombie tune (what, what?), car-changing ‘bots, return of the Wii Fit Girl, and…more.

Video Blips:
FYI: There’s a zombie on your lawn. Cutesy PopCap game Plants vs. Zombies has an adorable music video that is both catchy and informative about brain-eaters invading your personal gardening space. Our advice? Ask the zombie to move. Or shoot it in the face with a shotgun. Whichever is easiest.
Good game is disguise: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer. See some robots blow crap up. Y’know, someone should really program these guys to be a little nicer.
Cultural Blips:
• Wii Fit Girl looks…different. Remember the Wii Fit Girl? She’s back. We, err, think. [Kotaku]
Developers think people still care about Atari Jaguar. Seems like the developers at Force Design think people will actually buy their 8 years in the making Jaguar game for, cough, 80 bones. Uh, yeah. CD-i, maybe. But Jaguar? No thanks. [GameSetWatch via technabob]