I just read that Guitar Hero V is slated to come out this fall, and a thought came to mind: why not just add the content to Guitar Hero: World Tour? I’m sure GHV is going to introduce something new, it’s a duh, but does it really need to be on another $60+ disk or $90+ bundle? Why not include the new content as an expansion pack accessible through one of the menus in the game?

I’m thinking it’s all easily doable, just not as profitable as the route the Aerosmith and Metallica editions of the GH games chose to take. Imagine downloading a $20-$30 expansion, heck maybe even a$5o one, straight to your hard drive hassle free and you don’t need to get dressed, that’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard of one.

Think about it like this, DLC is being pushed to sell you cheat codes, new skins, stadiums, maps and even in-game money, isn’t it about time we start getting more Shivering Isles and Broken Steel-sized content without having to pay for packaging if we don’t want to? I’m fine with not owning another disc as long as my account has the right to the software I purchase. I’m thinking Microsoft in particular could make make this a strong case for picking up their larger hard drives, you hear that? That’s everyone winning, especially the environment because I’m not driving to the store as much anymore! Yes, I just used that cop-out and I don’t care.

Still, it’s not a big deal for me. Now, if I played the Guitar Hero games at all I’d be more bummed out that this isn’t the course the games are taking. I’m just hopeful that games I do care about start doing this when logically and economically possible to developers, publishers and most importantly of all, we the gamers.

Just a thought.