There isn’t enough blood and guts in browser-based web games. That appears to be one reason that Resistor Productions has launched a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game for adults.

The San Francisco company launched its game, Disciple , to about 12,000 pre-registered users today. The idea is to provide a graphically appealing game without forcing users to download a lot of code before they start playing. In the fantasy world of the game, dubbed Aphelion, players focus on dismembering each other in an arena. The players compete for a currency known as "geldors." Players can join groups known as clans to crush all of their foes in big battles.

The world, characters, story and creation of Disciple are based on the writings of Tobias Batton, founder and chief executive of Resistor. Players are encouraged to strategize with each other in chat rooms to defeat other groups. The game is free for initial play, but players can buy virtual goods for small fees known as micro-transactions.

The company has three employees and 30 contractors. It was founded in 2008 with a seed investment from Sanjay Reddy. Competitors include, World of Warcraft and Dark Orbit. The company has been profitable thanks to a string of iPhone hits and has not raised more funding.