The usual introduction on most sites is for the new guy to post something interesting about themselves in the most uninteresting way possible. Well, I suppose I should continue that tradition then shouldn’t I?

I’ve been a gamer all my life. Well, the most interesting parts of it anyway. I’m a big fan of RPGs, retro,  and odd games that just don’t seem to fit the regular cliches that most genres seem to be today. My least favorite genre happens to be the shooter, but I do get urges to play halo once in awhile. 

Other hobbies: reading, drawing, camping/nature, working. 

 Education status: College Student. Major: Animation

Job: Retail Grunt

Favorite Whatever:

Food: Pizza

Music Genres: Light Rock(Clapton, Chicago, etc), Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, and  World

Drink: Milk

I’m a Mac lover who uses a PC. 

Political Policy: Moderate Independent

Browser type: Firefox

Gaming site: 1up

That should do it for now. This blogging thing is harder then it looks…

A list of every game I own: