The PlayStation family always seem to lose weight, so we’re not surprised if the PS3 really is going on a diet. All this really proves is one thing: Sony products are incredibly vain.

News Blips:

PS3 possibly loses weight; 360 now feels fat. Even though Sony has publicly denied rumors it’s starving its flagship system, a Chinese message board has posted some suspicious photos of what appears to be a slimmed-down version of the previously portly PS3. Looks pretty convinving to us. Hmm, maybe Wii Fit really does work. [1UP]

Harrison Ford appears in Harrison Ford game…twice. Bet y’all didn’t see this coming: officially announced that Han Solo will show up as a bonus character in the upcoming Wii game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. Guess it’s a better choice than Howard the Duck. [Kotaku]

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift DLC available today for the low, low price of free. Check out the PlayStation Network right now for a new pack of paint jobs for the tropical PS3 racer. And who said nothing is life is free? Seriously, that guy is an idiot. [Joystiq]

Factor 5 closes in 5…4…3…2…1. Sad news today for the developer of Lair and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron — the company officially announced they will be shutting down. Hopefully, like Obi-Wan, killing them will only make them stronger. If that doesn’t work, at least they’ll get to recite iconic lines in people’s heads and appear as sweet ghosts. [Kotaku]

Former Sucker Punch developers are officially loose canons. Two former game makers at Infamous developer Sucker Punch have formed their own studio entitled Loose Cannon. The two plan to create a new IP for consoles that they say will “blow you out of the water.” OK, maybe they didn’t say that. But it’d be punny if they did. [Gamasutra]

Click the jump for some video blips, including a whole lot of BioShock 2 gameplay, people playing Punch-Out!! before you, Street Fighter toys, and…more.


Video Blips:

IGN fishes up BioShock 2 gameplay. Nine minutes to be exact. We’d watch, but we smell spoilers.


Watch 1UP play Punch-Out!!; get jealous. The folks over at 1UP play through upcoming Wii boxer while answering your questions.



Cultural Blips:

Street Fighter toys pack a plastic punch. They’re not nearly as cool as these Street Fighter toys, though. [Kotaku]

Videogame music without the videogames. A chiptune artists gets down to this videogame-inspired tracks. [GameSetWatch]