Guessing which games are going to be at E3 is hard. Unless you ask a PR person to tell you what’s going to be there. Then it’s easy. Really easy, apparently.

News Blips:

Beyond Good & Evil 2 may be beyond attending E3. According to UGO, a PR rep at publisher Ubisoft told them the sequel to the cult hit from last generation won’t be shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were telling the truth. We lie all the time. Just kidding. See? That’s a lie! [UGO via 1UP]

Kojima Productions teaser teases with another teaser. Remember the other day when we thought the Metal Gear Solid makers were going to announce a new game via a mysterious website? Well, they didn’t. But they did put up a picture of a field. Which is pretty mind-blowing if you’re a farmer. If you’re not, you should really consider it — fresh food is mighty tasty. [Kotaku]

EA’s new hockey game is the first to add first-person fisticuffs. EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore revealed on his personal blog that NHL 10 will allow you to punch players in the first-person. What? No first-person puck mode? Lame.  [PeterMooreBlog]

Rock Band 2 reminds you Alice Cooper still exists. Harmonix announced both Alice Cooper and Taking Back Sunday track packs will be available next week for you to download and pretend to play for real. Before you download the tunes, ask yourself this: Are you worthy? [Kotaku]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including some snazzy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves footage, POW-worthy Batman brawling, a Lego Nintendo, and…more.


Video Blips:

Uh-oh: George Lucas helped craft story for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. Y’know, LucasArts, maybe admitting that wasn’t the smartest idea.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves oddly enough shows up on our radar. The sequel to the PS3 treasure-hunting adventure is certainly a looker, too. Mmm-hmm. Wonder if it likes start-up game sites…


Batman kicks butts, neglects to take names. Watch the caped crusader kick the crap out of a room full of thugs in this Batman: Arkham Asylum clip. Is it us, or this video missing, oh, about a dozen POWs, Zaps, Biffs, and Urrrrks?



Cultural Blip:

Lego Nintendo is a snap to make. Check out this oh-so-cutesy Lego Nintendo some dude made. We bet this little guy wants to play it. [Geekologie]