We’ve got nearly 200 confirmed attendees, yet all are still welcome to Varnish, 77 Natoma Street at 2nd in San Francisco, for a happy hour in advance of this year’s fall DEMO event. First 50 people in the door get a free drink. Everyone gets to learn about September’s DEMOfall show in advance.

Why the 2.0? Because VentureBeat editor in chief Matt Marshall is taking the reins from longtime producer Chris Shipley. The two will co-produce this year’s DEMOfall event in September, after which Matt will take over for next spring’s DEMO show.

Chris and Matt will both be at Varnish tonight. Most of VentureBeat’s reporting staff will be there, too: Dean Takahashi, Eric Eldon, Anthony Ha, and me, Paul Boutin. We love PR people, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Please come! Same for our fellow reporters. The only bitter rivalry I have is with my laptop.