This has been bothering me for a while but i can’t help think that the industry is suffering a mid-age crisis,just to make some example

Resurrection of old property – Ehy guys? Remember punch out? It was cool right? Would you like a new punch out? Would you like if we used all the character you loved? Oh and Street Fighter? Would you like a new one? What if we used every street fighter 2 character (well except deejay and T.Hawk,nobody likes them anyway) instead of making new one like we did for street fighter 3? Oh and here! Take megaman 9 too! We made it like Megaman 2 because we know you loved that! i guess the compilation of Final Fantasy 7 fiasco also fall in this category but really that was so bad i don’t even want to talk about it…

Slapping the name of a classic on a game that doesn’t have much to do with that classic – So would anybody care about bionic commando (no i’m not talking about rearmed i’m talking about the other one) if it wasn’t called bionic commando? Final fight streetwise? Rygar the legendary adventure?

Ports & Remakes – well i can justify those at times,sometimes the original didn’t get much exposure (dragon quest games were japan only for example) or the remake is a huge leap (like final fantasy 3 DS) .But still there are lot of cases where the remake just didn’t work or a port just had a few bonus,just to try to sell it to the "it was a good game" crowd (i’m looking at you Chrono Trigger DS,it would have been excusable some generation ago when we lacked PSN,XBLA and Wiiware but not now!)