[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ny5ajCn0xw 540×380]

Allow me to complain about college classes sign up for a moment. While paper has long been abandoned for the sleeker, more earth friendly computer method, I find myself wishing that I had to ability to look through a booklet of which classes will be available next semester. Things can be highlighted and bookmarked. Pages can be torn out and organized in many different ways. Moreover, there is just something special about having paper in your hands that makes the whole experience feel special…almost exciting. Still,  while the common problems of a paper filled world are mostly gone(such as offices losing files, etc), new problems such as the annoyance of dealing with annoying and not very helpful menus and classes that don’t seem to exist even though they are on print outs only seem to annoy rather then help.

We are just trading in old problems for new ones. Looks like i’m going to need some help to pick the right classes for next semester.