[video:http://vimeo.com/4366131 400×225]

I went to the Ninetendo World Store a few weeks ago in Rockerfella plaza.

Some interesting facts I found out off camera while chatting to one of the employees.

* It’s used to be the Pokémon Centre, but was changed and opened as the Nintendo World Store after Nintendo found out it was loosing large amount from internal stealing.

* The Store may be strict on its employees but I was told that he could bring in his Dreamcast and play Marvel Versus Capcom 2. They are not allowed to bring in current generation console or handhelds for obvious reasons.

* If you work in the Store they will pay for a monthly Metro ticket for you to travel to work.

* Reggie has been to the store 3 times, Miyamoto twice and Iwata once, also Cammy Dunaway, who made her name at E3 2008 was there 2 weeks ago and was walking the store for about 2 hours asking anyone who was using Wii’s or DS’s their thoughts about the consoles themselves and their thoughts about the games.

If you are in the New York City area and you have an hour or two to spare please visit this store.