Two of these are nothing more than shameless plugging, but when I weigh that against the reality of the other things I could be doing with my time, that isn’t so bad.

The first is the second Snake Eater post from my current DFB series. It seems the "skimmers" have fallen into a trap of only surmising that I’m writing story summaries so I’ve very nicely placed a small disclaimer at the top of the post with reasons and actions for some to take.


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The second is a video-game website that I co-founded with friends from the 1up community. In actuality we’re nothing more than a bastardized form of what Shawn Elliot’s review symposium has already done (that served as the basis for what we have now). We have fun though, so if you have nothing else better to read, drop by and argue with us, we’d appreciate it (I would anyway). The current topic is one of much exasperation from many gamers, but it’s still worth reading nonetheless.


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Finally, I’m just satiating my own curiosity as to what gamers use for their social networking media right now. I’m not trying to yank some consensus out of everybody, I’m just generally curious to hear some individual people’s takes on what they use as a sole or combination of associating with other gamers. Anything from websites, instant messenger programs, or even physical "hanging out" responses are welcome. Nobody is more disgusted with my own hypocrisy than me, so I doubt you can do any worse.


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