Dear BitMobers,

           So paper stuff is out of date and only quality is to edge out of the UK right now.  That does not really speak about the topic of what is being read.  The over all question comes down to Articles or Interviews.

            The reason for this coming up is I do Developer interviews on the side is where you can view them.  They are decent, but not as good as any of the Editors here would get.  

              So an interview gives you information from a source on a general topic.  Does the source of the information get you to read or do you just like reading?  Yes some of them you will over look because you do not know or care for what is being presented.  It does not make a bad interview, but maybe not wanted for the demograph that it is being provided to.

             One thing that differs by doing articles is that you focus solely on that thing.  You use what you know about the subject matter with the information that is out.  Normally this information can be made up or factual information that is being read.   These types of things get read more in my opinion.

     The final thing I leave you before I head off to work.  Next time you see an interview you don’t know anything about read it first.  You may not like it, but sometimes you can get more out of the interview then the Article you just read.

   Have a great gaming day.


            Toby (ATC 1982)