This is a tough one for me. Like most of you, as a teen I spent a ridiculous amount of money on Street Fighter II and all of it’s incarnations in the arcade and on consoles.

When HD Remix came out I was all over that. I bought a HORI stick, I stumbled in to work many times, half asleep from playing into the wee hours of the night. I just really really enjoy that game.

So why can’t I fall in love with 4?

When the game first was released I was playing the crap out of it. But you know what they say, lust can only take you so far. Is it the new look? Is it the 2-button throws? Is it the "accessible" game play? Is it the online features? I still enjoy it, but I’m not dying to go home and play.

I don’t think it’s the artwork, the game is quite a looker for a 2D fighter. The characters are great, and I feel they fit right in to the Street Fighter mold. The backgrounds are interesting and vibrant. The limited amount of them is a little disappointing, but not enough to turn me off my beloved SF.

The fight mechanics might be a part of it. I do think they may have gone a bit too much on the easy side, it would be nice to be able to make it a bit more difficult to pull off specials, supers and ultras. (Too many combos are ended too quickly from an unexpected special/super). That being said it still plays really well.

 The Online feature are could be the number one thing holding me back. I just want to know how a 15$ game can have far superior features than a 60$ one. Capcom, your "tounament" mode, or "Championship" mode, or whatever it’s called, is just a new ranking system, you’re not kidding anybody. And would it hurt you to put in a lobby/quarter match system?

This is quite an internal conflict with me. I really want to love this game, but I just struggle to find that long lasting connection.