We never thought gamers would care so much about the weight of consoles. But apparently this is a big deal. Well, we think it’s insulting — consoles are people, too. Wait. Err, nevermind…

News Blips:

PS3 weight rumors continue; many say bulimia is believable. Even though some Sony skeptics are finding the slimmed-down PS3 rumors a little hard to swallow, a kernel of truth may have just popped up. It seems tech site Engadget has been sent a cease and desist letter for hosting the leaked shots of the seemingly smaller PS3. The weird part? The letter wasn’t sent by Sony, but by a Chinese company. Hmm. So is it true or not? Our gut says yes, but then again, he’s just hungry after all these food puns. [Engadget]

Robot Chicken lay mechanical egg; tastes like Spore DLC. The funny men behind Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken series have helped create downloadable content for the Spore: Galactic Adventures expansion. If this news makes you say, “WTF,” then you’ll probably want to go visit the appropriately-named official website. Then OMG at the LOLs or something. [Kotaku]

Randomly littered medkit gives 3D Realms small amount of health. So everyone thought Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms died a pitiful death. We did, too. But we were all wrong, apparently. The studio confirmed it is still alive, albeit without the DNF team. Not sure how the studio will survive indefinitely, considering Duke Nukem doesn’t own fancy dancy rechargeable armor like Master Chief. And, well, medkits aren’t exactly easy to come by nowadays. [1UP]

Japanese Capcom staff may miss E3 due to piggy pukers. Well, this is ironic: The company responsible for the Resident Evil series may be quarantined in their own country due to swine flu. We’re sure they’ll probably end up attending the State’s biggest videogame trade show, but the news is still kinda funny. Except for the part about pigs giving us flu. Barf. [Kotaku

New Dynasty Warriors game is coming…hey, where are you going? Let me finish, thank you! Ahem — like I was saying, Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires is coming to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month. For those of you who care. Which is, sadly, no one. Sigh… [Joystiq]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including a bunch of Japanese Wii MotionPlus commercials, a Star Wars: The Old Republic story trailer, Half-Life 2 in block form, and…more.


Video Blips:

Wii MotionPlus commercials prove real sports actually take talent. Waving a plastic remote doesn’t, however. Which is why we’ll totally kick your asses in a frisbee-throwing competition.


Dead to Rights: Retribution trailer could use more excitement, people. Apparently someone thought it’d be a good idea to pimp Namco Bandai’s upcoming third-person shooter with a trailer where nothing is shot except your patience. Sold!


Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer paints a picture with paintings. It also talks about the story if you don’t wanna peep at a bunch of drawings for 3 minutes.


Cultural Blip:

Half-Life 2 Legos make our life complete. Some Lego-lover created a bunch of sweet Half-Life 2-inspired scenes made entirely with plastic blocks. Now if he made these using a gravity gun, then we’d be really impressed. [Kotaku]