Here’s the latest action:

Google knows you’re quitting before you do — In the wake of recent brain drain, the search giant has devised an algorithm that combines employee reviews, promotion histories, pay and other factors to predict which employees are most likely to leave. The WSJ has more.

Unity Semiconductor finds chip alternative — After seven years of research, the company will provide flash memory said to have four times the storage capacity and five to ten times the speed of chips.

Instant Facebook presence for only $50K — Social media marketing firm Sprout is offering a social media package for companies looking to establish instant traction on Facebook, including an app, Facebook Connect integration and a fan page.

Best practices set for social ads — The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a set of guidelines for advertising on social media platforms to bring more consistency to the marketplace. marketing director Nick Gonzelez explains on TechCrunch.

Craigslist demands apology — The listing site’s chief executive Jim Buckmaster has published an open letter asking South Carolina’s attorney general to apologize for accusing the site of criminal activity. Read it here.

NebuAd finally meets its doom
— The behavioral targeting company has shuttered a year after getting slapped around by Congress and losing most of its staff.

Facebook branches out with OpenID — Starting now, you can login to Facebook using a username and password from another site. Here’s what the developer had to say.

Tony Hawk gets a faceliftActivision is releasing a new skateboard-shaped, motion-sensing controller with its newest incarnation of the Tony Hawk series for the Wii, XBox 360 and PS3.

iPhone push notification on the horizon — Apple has tapped iPhone developers to test out the Associated Press’ news application, the first to include the device’s highly-anticipated push notification, allowing it, in a sense, to run in the background.