Dear BitMobers,

             Today as I sit here doing desk & grunt work I ponder how people other then the ones in the game industry show that your a geek.  Everyday I proudly use a Halo Wars Lanyard since I do not have any others sadly.  So often times I make sure it is visible to all. 

         For people who have other jobs what are ways that you show how proud you are to be a gamer?  Do you make it known to people?  Do you hide it and why?  Just think about the unity gamers have with other gamers.  It makes the work place more enjoyable to have a person with a common interest that you can speak geek to in my opinion. 

        As my wife says it is a waste of time, but my four year old and I think differently.   She might say she does not game, but the only one I know to get all the achievement points in Fable 2, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise & Uno.  She wont tell anyone she has gamed as everyone she knows looks down on me.  I could care less since it is what I do and will speak my gamer to them even if they don’t care. 

       So once again proudly show your a gamer and you will be surprised at the results.  Have a great gaming day.


         Toby (ATC)

P.S. – Sorry for not blogging yesterday had to get a few achievements on MUA & Crackdown.