The Deadliest Warrior: Mario vs. Sonic


Spike TV has a great new show called The Deadliest Warrior.  Every episode they take two of history’s greatest fighters, such as a gladiator, spartan, ninja, or apache, and try to compute who would be victorious.  They look at each individual weapon the fighter has to offer, and measure the velocity of its swing, the deadliness of the impact, and how it matches against their opponents.  All of this information is put into a computer and the battle is simulated 1000 times to determine the victor.  

The Website is: 


The whole time I am watching this show I am thinking: they have to do this with video game characters!!!  So I present:


MARIO       VS.      SONIC


Each warrior will be measured in ranged combat, close combat, and special attacks and their skills will be based off Super Mario Bros. (NES), and Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN).



MARIO – Mario’s strengths are not in ranged combat.  His only real weapon is the fireball, which he can toss magically from his hands.  The fireball slowly bounces towards the target, but if it makes contact it is deadly.

SONIC – Sonic has no real ranged combat weapons but himself.  He can come at an enemy with such velocity that a direct hit would render most unconscious.


Because Sonic has to launch himself, all Mario has to do is toss fireballs that Sonic will have to dodge, disrupting his attack.  



MARIO – Mario shines in close combat.  He punches, kicks, and stomps, yet has the agility to dodge and move around.  

SONIC – Sonic’s one main close combat attack is stomping on the head of his enemy.  Fortunately, his speed allows him to quickly get in close, attack, and then get out of there before his enemy can counter.


Both warriors use hand to hand combat and can move around very well, and although Mario has more variety to his attack, Sonic’s speed allows him to attack, retreat, and attack very quickly.



MARIO – Mario has a vast range of special attacks such as star power which makes him temporary invulnerable, and mushrooms, which can make him larger and give him and extra hit.  He can also utilize any object he comes across like a empty turtle shell.

SONIC – Sonic also has a good range of special attacks.  Like Mario, he has an invulnerability power, and he can gain a shield that allows him to take an extra hit as well.  Sonic does that take advantage of any objects, but can gain the power to move even faster than he normally does, which would make him even harder to hit.


Both warriors have the same special attacks.  Mario’s edge with objects is neutralized by Sonic’s extra speed.




Sonic’s speed is what won him the match.  Both warriors were evenly matched, but the one thing Mario could not keep up with was Sonic’s speed.  Sonic could make hit and run attacks while dodging Mario’s fireballs.  Any special attacks that Mario tries can be countered by Sonic.