I’m a big Chrono Trigger fan. In my mind, it shares the the BEST RPG EVAR slot with Final Fantasy 6, but I haven’t played it’s sequel. I’m going to blame economics and fanboyism for that one because I’ve been weaned on Nintendo systems since the tender age of 4. But now in my older years, I’ve discovered Cross’ soundtrack, read it’s Wikipedia page and find myself intrigued by the sassy(?) blonde in short shorts and her blue-haired boy buddy.

 [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27-DsLJ76aA&feature=related 425×334]

 Really. With an intro like what how could I have passed this up? Oh right. I was 13, stupid and poor.

But, now that fanboyism has been somewhat castoff, I’m stuck with the problem of economics. I know there are lots of PSone’s readily available on eBay, along with a good number of cheapish copies of the game, but is it worth it to buy a whole new(old) system to play it? I could also run out and get a PS2 for about a hundred bucks, but I really only want to play Cross right now. There’s nothing else compelling on Sony’s previous wunderkind. At least now that I can Okamwii. (If you’re noticing a trend here, it’s because fanboyism has only SOMEWHAT been castoff. At heart, I’m still a pandering Nintendo shill..) I could go all in and get a PS3. There’s some cool stuff on that behemoth, but is a 10 year old game really worth 400 bucks? I don’t even have an HD-TV so I can’t justify it as a blu-ray player.

So I ask you, just and kind hardcore gaming audience, what is the best way to play Chrono Cross? PSone, PS2, or PS3?