After reading Reed Brown’s list of games that use the medium the best way…I felt I needed to add to that list. There’s at least one more game that I know of that needs to be on it, and that is "Indigo Prophecy". It was the first game that I know of that used all of the tools it could to make the game as…artistic as they could while keeping it a game and not a movie. The splitting story paths, the different endings, even the mini-game to play guitar.
Granted, once you got near the end of the game it turned from an amazing game to a "WTF just happened?" type of game. But that doesn’t really matter. The game as a whole was, in my mind anyways, a completely different way of telling a story within a video game. It made me a quick fan, and if I had the game today, I’d still pop it in every now and then just to experience that newness all over again. 
— Greg Speer