Hello fellow Bitmobbers, just wanted to check in and let all of you know that plans for a Bitmob community podcast are indeed in the works, as suggested recently by Trevor Hinkle. Myself, Trevor, and Brett Bates are in the process of trying to set something up for some sort of test show soon, but we need your help! Since the show will be entirely community oriented, we think that everyone here should help layout what the show will be all about.

We were thinking that a shorter show would be good, possibly around an hour, with 2-3 segments. My suggestion for a first segment would be something that kind of mirrors the Mobcast in that each of us would bring one thing to the table, but that one thing being an article from the community that we would discuss.

From there, I have a few ideas that have been suggested. For the second segment, we definitely want to have the community directly involved and submitting audio messages to us to use on the show. So here's the question for all of you: Would you rather have a set topic for everyone to send in their opinions on or would a "Sound Off" segment be better, where you can voice your opinion on anything?

Also, we need a name! Bitmobbers, give us your ideas! The two I have been tossing around are "Long Live the Mob" and "Beta Test" (which serves to highlight that the show's format is something new and experimental). I'm terrible at names however and would love to hear what all of you think.

To Bitmob Staff:

To anyone on the staff they may read this, we want your opinions too! Also, can any of you suggest the best way for people in the community to get their recorded segments to us and what our best options for hosting the show may be?

The easiest way to get ahold of me right now is via twitter at http://twitter.com/valke