Dear BitMobers,

            Happy Friday,  As some of you who read my blog’s back on 5-16 I posted something about gem’s.  Those games that make you want to play them over and over again.  There are lot’s out there.  So my concept of today is the Jewels with in a true gem.  Basically it is stuff you find in the game when you search every nook and cranny.

        The reason why this came up was due to the DarkStalkers video someone posted.  It had gameplay & commentary which made me think when he said something like, "This game will have hidden goodies in almost every nook & cranny."  As what I like to call this the Jewel method.  If they can pull this off and make the jewels of this game worth searching for then hats off to them.  Now if they can’t pull this off and the jewels just suck then that is a shame on all the seekers out there. 

     Question is there any game you found that one great jewel that you will remember for the rest of you life?   I want to say one of the treasures that I remember is just exploring the levels in Beyond Good & Evil taking pictures of everything.  Maybe it is all those secret passages from the Donkey Kong Country series I truely miss.  So what are yours?

  Have a great weekend and enjoy the BBQ’s if your doing it.