She did it again! After having her phone’s address book cracked a few years ago, Famous-for-being-famous heiress Paris Hilton lost her BlackBerry Thursday night at this week’s Festival de Cannes film convention in the south of France.

With smartphones replacing laptops as easy-to-lose repositories of confidential information, I wish AT&T and Verizon would offer something like Absolute Software’s Computrace system, which can remotely order a BlackBerry or Windows phone to erase files the next time it checks in over the wireless connection.

My own BlackBerry and iPhone are packed not only with the private cellphone numbers of tech company founders and execs, but with thousands of private emails about not-yet-disclosed business and product stories. I’d feel a lot better if I could promise my sources my lost smartphone was smart enough to take their secrets to its grave.

[Images from The Cleveland Leader, Absolute Software]

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