Here’s the latest action:

From Russia With Love
— Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian investor, is offering to put more money into Facebook, raising its valuation to $10 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. [We’ve since confirmed.]

Court backs Craigslist in South Carolina injunctionA federal judge blocked the state’s attorney general from filing criminal charges against Craigslist related to prostitution charges.

Cartier files, then withdraws lawsuit over iPhone apps — The jewelry maker alleged trademark theft, but then mysteriously dropped its suit. The Wall Street Journal has more.

PureDepth ramping 3-D display manufacturing — The startup is finally getting its multi-depth displays into mass production. The displays let you see 3-D without special glasses.

AMD moving to 45nm desktop chips — By the third quarter, Advanced Micro Devices plans to move to a new generation of manufacturing with circuits that are 45 nanometers apart. That should result in faster and lower power desktop microprocessors.

eBay wins legal battle with L’Oreal in U.K. — The cosmetics maker says eBay doesn’t do enough to stop counterfeit sales. But now courts have favored eBay in the U.K. and France, while L’Oreal has prevailed in Germany.

Xerox’s Ann Mulcahy steps down as CEO
— She spent eight years as one of the most prominent female CEOs and saved Xerox from bankruptcy. But Mulcahy is handing the reins to Ursula Burns, her No. 2.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer optimistic about recovery — At the company’s annual CEO Summit, Microsoft executives talked confidently about economy and technology. But they didn’t make any near-term projections.

Is Apple tied to Intel?An AMD executive speculated that Apple struck an exclusivity deal tying it to Intel in exchange for help the world’s biggest chip maker gave to Apple in porting its software to run on Intel chips. That deal may get scrutiny in light of the recent $1.45 billion European Union fine against Intel for antitrust violations.

Minority Report user interfaces coming soon
Schematic techie says that we’ll soon see the day when we can all play Tom Cruise and control computers with hand gestures.

— Beware of hijackers who put invisible buttons on web pages that redirect you to malicious sites. CNET has more.