As the Mailbag works its way ever so closer to its regular Thursday posting slot, we tackle Trico, maturing games, and a magazine staple: the prison letter. Want to see your thoughts on our green screen? E-mail us at

If you guys could find out any information about the third game from Team Ico, I would very much appreciate it. I assume it will be out in fall of 2010. I heard some early info that there could be some multiplayer in it.


-Lance D.



Bitmob: We have to ask: Does the rumored “Trico” need multiplayer? Do BioShock 2 or Uncharted 2 need it? Anyway, whet your appetite with this, then cross your fingers that we get some real info at E3.

Most people believe that as videogaming matures, it will look more like movies, music, or even books. (Wider audience, more easily consumable, fewer barriers to entry, room for “art” and popcorn/pulp, etc.)

Assume this is the eventuality. Is this a good thing? What changes would have to happen to gaming for it to evolve this way? Would the changes destroy “gaming” as we know it?

Some media like comics never really transformed. Are those media better for being niche? Are they healthy?

Food for thought! Good luck with Bitmob!

-Jeremy “Lawman”

Bitmob: Games as art, hmm? We really don’t want to get into that discussion again. But as to your other point, hasn’t gaming achieved most of those things this generation? The Wii and iPhone have brought gaming to a wider audience with their breed of more easily consumable software. Meanwhile, XB360 and the PlayStation platforms have given us the popcorn (God of Wars, Call of Dutys), as well as the debatable art stuff (Ico, BioShock, Flower).

Here’s the thing: The medium has to continue to evolve or it will become irrelevant. And really, it’s done a fine job keeping pace. Just take a look at Xbox Live and how it compares to social networks. I think a lot of us were updating our mottos before we were Tweeting.

As for your last question, we’re pretty sure comics would trade its niche status for that of gaming’s most any day of the week.

1) How’s the community blogging working out at the one week mark? Is it more work than you’d expected?

2) Are there any games you really like that you haven’t had a chance to write about?

-Matt J.

Bitmob: OK, we surveyed the Bitmob crew for some answers:

Dan “Shoe” Hsu:

1. The response has been so positive, that, yeah, we’ve been overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the great community posts. We’re trying! But we’ll be looking for more help soon.

2. Some great games I really loved, but never got a chance to write about myself: Bully, Fallout 3, and especially PixelJunk Monsters.Henry Hatsworth

Demian Linn:

2. Tons — lots of old arcade games like Dragon Breed, Final Lap, and Rampart. More recently, I was bummed that I didn’t get to review NHL 09.

Greg Ford:

2. Peggle: I never thought it’d suck me in. Street Fighter 4, Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Michael Donahoe:

2. There was a time when I wanted to rant about Henry Hatsworth, but I’m over that game.

Dear EGM:

I writing to inquire about the stutus of my subscription. I have made a recent subscription order in November 2008, and I have not receieved an issue of your magazine since January. I am currently waiting on issues February through May/June 2009. Please write me back and inform me of the reason for this delay.

Thank you for your time.


Germain S.

Bitmob: Somehow we came across this letter to EGM, straight from a correctional facility. Even by the end of the magazine’s run, we were still receiving plenty of paper letters, and along with inquiries about hidden Pokémon and subscriptions, the lovingly crafted prison letters were a staple.

Hey, these guys need to occupy their time somehow as they’re digging their way to the sewage pipe. Of course, with Germain, we don’t have the heart (or maybe it’s the balls?), to tell him why he won’t be receiving another issue. Pardon us as we sob into the Internet’s many tubes.

And on that sad note we wrap up this week’s Mailbag. If you want to have a chance to be among the first chosen to be featured in our regular slot next week, you know the drill: