While I’ve been a little surprised that I haven’t seen any blog posts about the Thief 4 announcement from Ubisoft (I refuse to call it Thi4f, that just looks idiotic,) I thought instead of wondering about it, I would write about it instead.  With such a well established game franchise from years gone by, it is always interesting to watch someone reboot  it.  Notice that I said interesting and not good.  A reboot definitely isn’t always good, but it is always facinating to see what designers focus on as the core of a franchise as opposed to shedding from the game as dead weight.  Instead of wax nostalgic about what games did this right or wrong, I thought it would be interesting to hear what the community thought about what would be essential for a game in the Thief series and what could or more importantly, should be tossed aside for the betterment of the franchise.   Obviously the smarmy hero Garrett must return to reprise his role of the Thief, and gadgets like the moss and water arrows have to return to facilitate the infiltration of the manors and mansions you’re breaking in to for you loot.  What else though? I’m very curious to see if anyone else out there has the fond memories of Thief that I do and am even more curious to see what they think is most important to bring back with the series.  Who knows?  Maybe someone from Ubisoft will see this and take these suggestions to heart.