I plan on getting a 1600 ms point card soon and I can’t decide what to get with these ms points.  I could get the new CoD: WaW map-pack coming soon however, while some of my friends are going to get this map pack, some of my other friends will not. This means that we’ll probably play these maps for a week or two and never go back to them. Another option is the Halo 3 legendary map pack or the mythic map pack. Even though none of my friends play Halo, it would still be nice to get one of these because then I could finally play some ranked playlists. The Call of Duty map pack is 800 points, the Mythic map pack is 800 points as well, and the Legendary map pack is 600. I also might get Bionic Commando: Rearmed which is also 800 points. If there is any left over I might get a community game. What should I do?