I have reached a time in my life where the majority of gaming I do is single player. I want to jump into games world. I’m a tourist. Except I have strange holiday requests. Instead of sun and beaches I want adrenalin and fear.

Since the original Resident Evil I have been in search games that offer tension and fear. I want to escape the horrors or my mundane life and delve into the horrors of a zombie infested world.

Unfortunately many games in this genre are becoming diluted. There is always an NPC or a player partner at your side. A person to help, to share your fear. They make the whole experience less… scary. The isolation, the loneliness makes these experiences what they are.

It’s like having and STI check with your partner. Less scary. Or is that just me?

I want to be scared. Leave me alone.

(All stolen from my blog at dofuss.net, back in the day when I limited myself to 150 words at a time).