You know I still watch CO-OP at weekends even though it’s published on a Tuesday now. Force of habit I guess. But it’s often striking to me that little gems of I-Phone games turn up on the show that I just don’t know about. With my 360, PS3 and PC I know what’s coming out and when but with the app store cool stuff just turns up and often gets lost in the vast void that is the current application store in I-tunes.

So rather than complain about what’s wrong with it, what do they need to do to make it right? First of all it needs to drop the structure that the music and other sections use and come up with a layout a lot more in tune with the likes of steam. A massive centre table is need with the tabs "new releases, best selling, top rated, most talked about". I think if you break it up like that some of the more interesting games have a chance of getting some hits. The most talked about section would really need some good management how ever to really see what hidden games people are talking about and in general the stuff that needs a bit more coverage.

The whole "on sale for a limited time" thing is common with many app’s and to be honest I don’t think it would be legal for a shop to try something similar as its often just used as an artificial way of increasing sales, with no intention of ever putting the price up. But I think it should be embraced and the cheep nature of I-Phone games make them an impulse buy. A deal of the week feature not unlike that on steam would not go a miss.

The introduction of applications has been one of the most interesting things that has happened to gamers and game developers in a long time. With hits like peggle all ready on the store and with the likes of Mass Effect mini stories on the way Apple have made their way into the games industry with a bang rather than the predicted laugh.