I ask this question after reading all of the comments about the new Heavy Rain video posted. It’s amazing to me how so many "gamers" will completely discredit a video game because, "it looks to mo-cappy", or "the voice acting is a little off". Excuse me? What? Are you serious? Please…don’t be an idiot and ignore what is shaping up to be a game that might not even be called just that after it’s released.

What happened to buying and playing a video game because it was just fun to play? There are all these wonderful games being released and people will not step up to the plate and play them because the graphics aren’t good enough, or the game play doesn’t seem to fit. Get over your elitest self and sit down and play a game…as a game should be played. For fun. Not as something to be picked apart for everything that’s wrong with it.

 Granted, everyone picks apart video games..it’s the nature of the beast, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the game. Take COD: WaW for example. The graphics on the 360 are amazing for it…but on the Wii? Not so much…but does that mean it can’t be fun? Of course not. Just the way you have to shoot alone makes it worth a try. 

So to all those who won’t give a game a try unless it has the most sophisticated graphics your console can produce…please don’t get a job with any developer, otherwise I might end up paying for a sixty dollar paper weight because your idea of a good game ended up being trash.