Dear BitMobers,

              Yes I put WMD (WhiteMoon Dreams) the developer company as my title.   Since E3 is about a week away right now here is one my predictions that most will over look.

              WhiteMoon Dreams started over a year ago and has a great team of people.  While I live in Northern Indiana and they are in Los Angeles it is easy to track things via the internet.  So you when E3 rolls around and your like oh I remember that guy perdicted that.  Keep your eye on them this E3 even with out a publisher at this time they will be show casing a playable demo.  No word on the project, but expect that there website will be update shortly after as well with people wanting to know more.  

             The other comes in the form of a thank you.  So far I have gotten on average above 40 hits for each blog and two blogs have over 100 hits.  So thank you all for taking your time to read my entries.  Have a grea gaming day.


                            Toby (ATC)