Editor's Note: Just wanted to highlight the latest news about the Bitmob community podcast, which now has a name. Sounds like you guys already have a way for people to submit short segments, but I've heard good things about houndbite.com, too! -Demian

Hello once again fellow Bitmobbers! I'm back with the second round of updates on the Bitmob community podcast. We've been doing a whole lot of research, emailing, twittering, and other online interactions trying to set up the best possible show for everyone here. We're still working on nailing down a lot of things, but there is some information that I'm happy to share with everyone today.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who responded so enthusiastically to the last post with ideas for names, segments, and overall suggestions. Also, to all the staff members that took the time to encourage us and give a little advice, you are showing exactly why the idea for this podcast came into existence. So without further ado, let's end this whole nameless podcast routine!

PixelRevolt Logo

The Bitmob community podcast will henceforth be known as Pixel Revolt! (Unless anyone has issues with it, in which case we can definitely change it.) Suggested by Brett Bates, the name Pixel Revolt embodies the excitement and energy of the community which we hope to capture, as well as references the Bitmob name. There has also already been a twitter feed set up for the podcast @pixelrevolt.


Next, for our second podcast segment, I've come up with a couple of solutions as to how people can submit audio clips to be used in the show. The easiest way would be for any of you on Skype, simply give a call to PixelRevoltDL and leave a message on the answering machine that has been set up there. I've set the maximum time to 3 minutes, but please try and keep your submissions to 1-2 minutes.

If you don't have access to Skype, you can also record a sound clip on your computer and upload to any file hosting service and send the link to either the twitter feed above or email it to PixelRevoltDL (at) gmail.com .We just ask that you speak in a clear voice and if you are worried about audio quality, believe it or not, the Rock Band mic provides surprising clarity.

Now, on to what's important, the topic all of you will be contributing to! Since this will be our first shot, we thought we would keep the topic broad and maybe help the Bitmob staff out at the same time. So here's the question for the beta episode of Pixel Revolt:

"What feature or features would you most like to see on a gaming website?"

Although the question is short and to the point, I'm really excited to hear some of the creative ideas all of you can come up with on this. We'll most likely be accepting sound clips until the middle of next week, when we hope to try and get a recording session set up. I'll leave everyone again with all the links you will need and hope to hear great things from everyone and string together a good beta podcast soon.

Skype (to leave audio messages) – PixelRevoltDL

Email (for non-Skype audio submissions) – PixelRevoltDL (at) gmail.com


Derek's Twitter @valke


EDIT: Since a few people have asked, I've put together another post to better explain how you can get involved with the first podcast. Check it out here