If you’re wondering where the video blips are, stay tuned for a potential eye-bleeding post later today. It’s gonna be a doozy.

News Blips:

Cryptic Games working on simple, easy-to-understand Atari games. The citizens behind the City of Heroes series are said to be working on rebooting classic (and existing) Atari franchises. Makes sense since Atari bought the studio a year ago. Here’s hoping for an Adventure MMO where you can play as a duck-slaying square. [Kotaku]

Sega spins wheel of cliché game ideas, lands on kart racer. Well, this would have been awesome in 1997: Sega announced they’re making kart racer Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing for all consoles and DS. As you can probably tell by the title, the racer will feature characters from both Sonic and Sega games. Someone needs to update Sega about what the kiddos really like these days: guns, chainsaw guns, and near-naked muscle men. OK, maybe not that last one. [GameSpot]

Transform back to 1986 via nostalgic Guitar Hero song. Stan Bush’s classic butt rock ditty “You’ve Got The Touch” from the Transformers animated movie is now available for the low, low price of nada in Guitar Hero World Tour. Have fun touching, folks. [Joystiq]

Microsoft shooting to add another “M” to MMO. Apparently the company is planning to create a massively multiplayer online game that can support a whopping 300,000 people in real-time. Wow, that’s big. Finding 299,999 other friends to play with on a whim is going to be a bitch. [Develop via Kotaku]

Cultural Blip:

Futurama videogame spoof turns into actual videogame. This is funny: Animated comedy Futurama spoofed the classic alien-shooting game Space Invaders in an episode way back when. Well, some creative developer decided to actually make that spoof into an actual game. Take a look [via GameSetWatch]: