This being my first blog ever posted here at bitmob, I figured it might be nice to introduce myself to my fellow "mobbers" before getting started.  I plan on becoming somewhat of a staple here, an O.G. if you will.  I find myself inspired by the community and hopeful for the future, not just bitmob’s future but my future here as well.  Keep the great ideas rolling!

Gather ’round everyone, I have a confession to make.  As the weekend draws near, the late nights will again be unleashed upon me, wreaking havoc on both my social life and my sleep pattern.  This ongoing routine has been known to cut daytime productivity by as much as half and certainly helps to minimize random female encounters.  That being said, I still look foward to my weekly ritual.  Scratch that. I crave game time. 

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Emerson Grosjean and I am a video game addict. 


I said it.

Should I be ashamed? 

I’m not. 

I have been playing all my life.   I’ve rescued Peach.  I’ve vanquished colossi.  I have travled to Midgar, Utah Beach, and Laguna Seca.  I  survived the Oregon Trail, purified post-apocalyptic D.C.,  even launched cows with a catapult.   I’ve done all that and more… and I loved it!

Have you ever taken off a day of work to play a new realease? 

Who hasn’t?

I’ve spent hours waiting in line for a game I no longer play.  I poured over countless previews, screenshots, and press releases.  I could not wait to play it.  Now, it just sits there.  Why touch it?  I’ve already gotten 100% completion, already wrung out all the gamerscore points it has to offer.

I’ll never sell it though.  Oh no, never.  It needs to sit there.  I’ve stashed the saved game file with all the rest of my trophies; my perfect RPG character builds, my 50/50 hidden packages found, my golden chocobo.  I need to keep the game handy because I’m under the impression (or misconception) that one day, somone will care enough to actually want to see what I accomplised.  Okay, so its a long shot.


I bet if I ever met one of you out and about, you would care.  You’d bust out your own memory card so we could compare games and ultimately determine which of us is the bigger nerd.  That’s why I like it here.  You all are just like me.  Addicts. 

To Dan and the staff,

Thank you for giving us an outlet  to write.  I belong somewhere in this industry but have yet to determine where.  Here, I’m able to "test the water" if you will, and see if I have what it takes.  I am also happy to know where I can find most of my "go-to" Review Crew lurking.  I’ve missed your input these past months. 

To the mob,

Please consider this a formal introduction.  You see, you and I have already met.  We might have been killing nazi zombies, fragging prepubescent children, or maybe we went heads-up in a game of poker.  You help rock my world and for that I thank you.  I promise to continue to put up a good fight.   In fact, I think I better head up now and fire the old system up.  I can feel the shakes coming on…