One of Empire City’s greatest disasters was the massive explosion caused by Cole McGrath. These following excerpts were taken during the apex of that event.

Letter obtained from terrorist’s mailbox

Dear Mr. McGrath,

It has come to our attention that you failed to reimburse Empire Electric for your indiscriminate use of public and private electric utilities.  Our most up to date bill suggests you owe over $1,504,678.93 based on your use of electrical outputs. We understand biological mutation caused by exposure to the Ray Sphere can be an inconvenience; however, it should not be a deterrent from paying your power bill. Also on a side note, Empire Electric’s employees have received an endless amount of phone calls from disgruntled customers losing power at the most inopportune times. We know sometimes is it due to the disruptive behavior of the Reapers cutting off substations but the reports specifically state, "It was that terrorist!" or "He was sucking the electricity right out of my rooftop TV." We pride ourselves on customer care and your vigilante activities cause unnecessary grief. If these acts of indiscriminant terrorism continue we will start to apply rubber covers around the electric utilities as a measure to prevent your leeching. We hope to see future cooperation and refrain from draining every single fuse box you see in order to restore your health.


President of Empire City Electric

Extracted from Electric Counter-Terrorist Handbook provided by Empire City Police

A. If the terrorist is running full speed at you hide behind a chain linked fence. It is a well known fact electric endowed human beings are incapable of climbing or shooting through them.

B. Never take cover on top of a rooftop. This kind of terrorist is capable of scaling the most vertical buildings even when there is nothing for them to climb on.

C. They can’t swim.

D. Wear rubber body armor.

E. Pray for rain.

Entries from Voice of Survivor’s personal blog during The Quarantine

Blog Entry Day 16

I knew it: retrieving medical supplies, restoring power to cut off areas, rescuing hostages, destroying surveillance equipment, he isn’t responsible for any of these actions, it was the hard working citizens of Empire City. He clearly possesses mind control powers that force people to say the most irrational things. I have to find evidence of this. Gonna go patrolling Neon District to get some quotes.

Blog Entry Day 17

Man I was right, the citizen of Empire City are saying some of the craziest stuff I have ever heard. He’s turning them into delusional fans; look at these quotes I’ve taken.

InFaMoUs1-  Day 17 2009 9:21AM

"lol at XBOX 360 [The Reapers] they buy timed exclusive DLC and Multi Platform games.
I cat wait to get my copy [poster of that] inFamous [guy]!"

Drew , Day 17 2009

"I was completely wrong.  I thought this game [Cole McGrath] was weak sauce.  I played the game early [met him] and it is [was] great, [he was] a lot of fun and fairly original.  I can’t wait to pick up my own copy [poster of him].  Enjoy PS3 owners [Empire City Citizens]!! This is a rare great game [treat] for the PS3 system [Empire City].  There are good ones, a few great ones, and MGS4."

Blog Entry Day 18

I fear the citizens have become increasingly more insane. I’m not even sure what this guy is talking about.

Isaac , Day 18, 2009

"STATIC SHOCK now white (safe for the kiddies now)

And im a streat runner aint that clutch!"


Not everything was fictional. the quotes are actually real.