Dear BitMobers,

           Since most of us trade games for cash at gamestop, gamecrazy or amazon thought I would talk about other alternatives today.  Yes there are other avenues that can be better for your wallet and over all save you money.

         There are trade sites out there like Goozex.  Not sure how this one works, but heard this is off a points system.  So I will try to give my own opinion on how it works.  Send your game to who wants it you get that many points to save up for a new game.  What is not told is that your on a waiting list to be told when you can trade.  It may be totally different than what I just said, but I don’t think it has the results as the other I am going to suggest.

       Right now I use  for all my trades.  Even though this is in the Beta section it works like it is supposed to.  

         Now before I go into why I like this I will say that it does have down turns.  Only down side is you have to put your faith into people which is the only downside.  Some members have not gotten there games even after sending there’s out.  Other down side is if you don’t like waiting to get a game in the mail.

      I have completed 4 great trades so far.  Also I am in the middle of two trades where I am trading my Folklore (PS3) for Dead Space (PS3) and the other trade is Halo Wars CE (360) for Killzone 2 (PS3).  So far each of these trades are going well.   If you go to the site check out my gamer page ATC1982 if you would like to see my results to verify.

    You might think this stuff is hard, but for anyone looking for old to new games from all systems I would say check this out.  The only thing you have to pay is shipping, but then again so does the other person.  So it equals out in that prespective.  The site after a few moments of fooling around is easy and understandable to use.  Also a key feature for trades is the section for your stuff you have for trade, your wishlist in stuff you want and switchbot.  Switchbot is what matches your stuff with your wishlist for you to see who would be great to trade with.

        Next time before you hit up Gamestop, Amazon or Wal-Mart with your trades.  Please check out one of the many sites to trade on.  I recommend SwitchGames, but you don’t have to use them.  As well you can follow them on Twitter @SwitchGames if you would like.

          Have a great gaming day.


                      Toby (ATC) 

P.S. – Sorry if this sounded like and advertisement.