Many have been speculating when this generation of gaming will end. Some say sooner than later but I feel that might be at the half-way point giving or taking a little. So I felt like looking back towards the past of the best and biggest wastes of time of the generation. (Yeah I am making a list) ;)

Best 360 game: Gears of War 1 and 2. No screamed like next-gen for me like this game. Their were some good games at the 360 launch but this game really made the 360 for me. It overtook Halo as my #1 idea of a good 360 game. The sequel gave me everything I wanted. Runner-up: Mass Effect: Still blows me away.

 Best Wii game: Super Mario Galaxy. A game that made me fall in love with Mario all over again. Amazing visuals and it’s gameplay were what I was dying for. Runner-up: Zelda TP- So deep and long. Thank God it came out at launch. 

Best PS3 game- Metal Gear Solid 4- What a way to end a saga(for now at least). I feel it truly showed the power of the PS3. Runner-up- LittleBigPlanet- Universal fun and so deep with it’s creativity.

Best Live game- Geometry wars- Satisfied my trigger finger with strong gameplay. Runner-up- Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie- The Bear and Bird came back in a good way.

 Best PSN game- Flower- Not really a game but an relaxing soothing piece of art. Runner-up- Ratchet and Clank QFB- a little chunk of Ratchet. 

Best PSP game- God of War CoO- Brought every awesome thing about the games. Runner-Up- Tekken DR- An amazing fighter for the PSP.

Best DS- Mario Kart DS- A way more solid kart than the Wii. Runner-Up- Zelda PH- keeping the awesome track records of portable Zelda. 

Best multiplayer game- Cod4- Never gets boring or tired. Runner-up- Team Fortress 2- if pixar made a game it would be like this.  

Best game overall- Bioshock- This game is the ultimate of this generation in my eyes. In terms of a single player experience it is the #1. 

Biggest waste of time- Assassin’ Creed- I was so pumped for this game and it failed me on so many levels. Beside the graphics it was recycled gameplay over an over again. 

 [video: 100×100] Now to make you cry!