There are rumblings, mostly fueled by Olivia Munn of G4Tv’s twitter being reposted by Gizmodo ,  that the 360 might get Hulu support at E3.


For the uninitiated, Hulu is a flash video streaming site that legally serves  HD  and SD TV shows and movies from several major US  stations (NBC, FOX, ABC) for free.    Much like Netflix, this is a US only feature. Also like Netflix, which had begun licencing players such as Roku,  that connected to the TV shortly before the 360 announcement, Hulu released a Hulu desktop client yesterday.  This is client is optimized for use on media center  computers and is operated with a remote.Hulu desktop

 Prior to releasing their own client, Hulu had moved to shutdown unlicenced 3rd party media center software such as Boxee and XBMC   from accessing their video streams.   Inititally their explanation had been that it was done at the request of contnet providers who were unhappy with people using Hulu to avoid watching TV stations on their TVs.   With the release of an official Hulu client for media centers, that explanantion is no longer believable.  What is more likely is Hulu realized they could earn revenue by allowing access to the site from clients connected to TVs. 

The PS3’s browser already supports flash and has been able to use Hulu for a while. Unfortunately, the controls and display  are motimized  for use of a controller and HDTV.  The Wii’s Opera browser  also supports flash but cannot use Hulu at the moment because of the version of flash installed is too old.