Man was it such a great era for the RPG genre,i seriously can’t remember the last time i enjoyed a console RPG as much as i did during the PSX era (altough i guess it’s my fault for owning a wii only) mostly they were squaresoft games,i loved squaresoft back then in the same way most people go crazy over soccer team! but alas those days are no more and as such you shall now suffer a list!

Final Fantasy Series – well final fantasy VII was pretty much the reason i wanted to learn english (that’s right,if you are suffering this right now,it’s FFVII fault) lot of words have been spent about it (some of love,some of hate) and i still love pretty much all of it (well ok the second half of disc 2 could have been better) especialy the music… my favourite part about the game is probably the flashback part after leaving midgar,it gets better after you are able to put in into context… 

I also liked final fantasy VIII a lot but looking at it now i just can’t understand why the game has lots of problem (and that’s without counting the lame plot twist that seemed to bother everyone except me) but still i guess that RPG were still a new genre and i was willing to take everything,especialy coming from holy squaresoft and ehy it had mirage master!

Final Fantasy IX was also a pretty good game,the "learn ability from equipment" was addictive,the game had a nice pace and all the reference to older final fantasy were neat… it also has an awesome overworld theme some part might have been a tad annoying but otherwise i remember the game fondly

Castlevania:Symphony of the Night – when i first played the game,i was kinda put off by the simple 2D graphics,then i kept playing… the game had awesome music,memorable boss fight (albeit they were easy but heck you don’t fight a zombie surrounded by giant flies that often!) and best of all it’s chock full of secret of weapons… Alas the series is now bound to portable game where not a single game has even reached half of what Symphony of the night was (the closest was probably aria of sorrow)

Suikoden – it’s short,it’s simple and it’s original… this was my first RPG which is why even tough the game does treat it a little different than usual,i really liked the "evil empire" plot.Most people seems to like the sequel better and while it is a better game,it just doesn’t feel the same for me

The Other Squaresoft Stuff – man was xenogear so awesome? ok sure it was verbose at time,but it had giant robot! a plot where i wanted to know what happened next! good music! oh also the submarine was in reality a bazooka!

Parassite Eve was also an awesome game,Again it was an original game (seriously how many semi-horror semi-action rpg set in manhattan can you name?) it looked good,it sounded good,it felt good!

some people might wonder where is chrono cross but i’ll be fair,i don’t like it… it looks awesome,has good music but it never kinda goes nowhere beyond funny accents

Lunar Silver Star Story – this is getting a remake and this ought to be the best news in the recent history regarding RPG,it might look like another "animu" rpg nowadays but back then it was incredible,the fact that it might been one of the hardest but balanced rpg i’ve ever played (FINAL BOSS TOOK 30 FRIGGIN MINUTES WITH HALF THE PARTY DEAD WITH CHARACTER USING AN INFINITE SUPPLY OF ITEM AND IT WAS AWESOME!) just makes it even better