The one thing that is really bad about my job is that sometimes my bosses send me to a remote part of the world to do my job there.  And I am not talking about the Caribbean or Europe.  I am talking about small towns in the middle of nowhere with no broadband or cable.  I am a outdoorsy-type Dude, but when I get to where I’m going there are going to be mosquitos and black flies.  A black fly is s small little bastard that scraps your skin and then licks up the blood.  The one pictured below is filling up its rear end with sweet blood.
So, as you can now imagine, I am not going to be spending that much time outdoors, for I am just not a big fan of blood-sucking parasites.
What I will be doing, when I am not working, is playing my new PSP.  And that is what this blog is about.  I want to know what PSP games I should be buying to bring with me?
I already have:
I would love to hear if Field Commander is worth buying, and don’t bother telling me about PSN titles, for I already hit that up.