Spoiler warning: if you have not completed act One of Bully do not continue reading unless you want the story spoiled for you!

While it was out on the PS2, Bully was a game that slipped through my radar when it first came out. Then when I tried Scholarship Edition on the 360 my Xbox red ringed. After hearing about it on the Rebel Fm Gameclub, I put it in my Gamefly Q and now it’s finally arrived. So far after completing Chapter One (the nerd level). Today it still holds up as well as it did before. Rockstar truly are experts in crafting unique characters. The one that sticks out the most so far is definitely Gary, a sociopath if there ever was one, Gary loves to toy with you and everyone else so that he can get what he wants and I feel like Rockstar does an incredible job of making you aware that your being used by this psycho and in a certain way you feel helpless because he’s the one giving you most of your missions (at least in chapter 1). Rockstar definitely has fun making the cliques as stereotypical as possible, and they go just far enough for it to be hilarious. The bullies are giant jerks who prey on the weak, the preps are rich snobs, the nerds are sissies that piss their pants and, the jocks are rock heads who can barely read. Your character might not be the nicest around but compared to the other jerks in this game so far, I really empathize with him and am constantly rooting for him. Well these are my thoughts so far, tell me what you thought of the game and if I should be expecting the game to be any better/worse