Holy crap — the pre-E3 blitz is upon us. Click the jump to see all the videos.

DJ Hero trailer lacks heroics, game. But has plenty of people dancing —  a big sell for gamers.



Dante’s Inferno makes real Dante’s Inferno look boring. When the hell did this happen in the book?


Watch a Just Cause 2 trailer. Just ’cause.


New Bethesda game Brink teaser shows an eye. And that’s about it.


Oh, look what we found: Lost Planet 2 trailer. Return to the planet that isn’t really lost (false advertising).


Heroes fight each other in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer. Aren’t they supposed to be saving us?


Fight in the first-person in NHL 10. Oh, and play hockey, too.


Jack Black voices video character for a minute in Brutal Legend. Potential ha-ha’s may be involved.


Dragon Age: Origins trailer is bloody. Needs more dragons, though.


Aww, Madden NFL 10 adds co-op. Now they need to make a virtual “slap-on-the-ass” button.


Need for Speed Shift trailer has racing cars. Shifting.