Dear BitMobbers,

        First I am going to apologize for two in a row if it comes out that way.  After reading one of Dan’s comments on his blog Achieving Sadness by Lance it got me to want to do another blog this morning.  Viva Pinata and where to start really, but I will start the day it came out.

      On my way home from work I stop by my local game stop to pick up my pre-order copy of this game.  After walking out I knew I only had about 2 hours to play before going to bed this night.  Eating dinner like a mad man my four year old follows suit and wants to watch what daddy is playing.  Starting up my garden for the first time I enjoy the clips in front of me. 

      Getting the feel of this my with my big strategy guide in hand I feel at peace.   So I get to level four of my garden save and back out.  Noticing on my list that BigSheep is playing this as well I go over to his garden.  Since of course he worked on the game he was at level 98 at the time.  My wife and I take in his garden with lots of OHH’s.   He had a desert water garden going on at this time.  The first animal I saw was the turtle, but then again while talking to him and his brother they were trying to get the Rhino.  We captured the Rhino then he renamed it A Tough Cookie for me.  He told me after he master breeds it he would send it to me as a gift.     I had to go for the night, but the family was impressed with this game all ready.

      From Wednesday to Friday I was helping my wife on her account on how to play.  Now friday was a different story as we finished dinner my wife told me I could not play VP: TIP tonight as it was her night.  I kindly told her if she wanted to play to get her own copy.  She headed to her purse and told me to go buy her a copy now.   Left to go buy one and when I got to Gamestop the guy i knew asked quizacally why i was buying a 2nd copy.  Told him it was for my wife and left.  So as my wife and I played together we had some vistors we knew and helped us in the garden.   Questions about how to get certain animals keep popping up so I told my wife to look in the book to see what we needed as a group.  Next thing you know she walks in the bedroom with headset on and tells me I don’t speak geek and to look for it myself.   About midnight we called it a night.

     After that night I taught her the basics of the book and how to read it.  Well I was un aware that when my four year old asked us what the animal names on the book were she would remember them all.   As for my wife it only took about a week for her to learn the Strategy Guide for VP:TIp and she was calling it her book after that. 

    A month has passed since the game has been out.  Now normally I hear my wife coming to bed after a Lifetime movie or something at 11 pm.  The door cracks and I open my eyes and it is 1 AM.  Asked her what she was doing and before she could say my daughter yells proudly we just got me a pink gallagoogoo.  Her need was not for tv now it was to Master Breed all the Pinatas and to get all the achievements for them.  While she did this my daughter started playing as her team mate for her co-op couch potato achievements. 

       Because my wife is stay at home she got my daughter started on her own just for fun mode.  Now you might think just for fun mode you don’t need to do anything, but your wrong.  My daughter tinkers, changes animal colors and tries to attract new animals.  The garden she tends to sells animals and items she don’t want that take up space. 

        For anyone wanting to get the lady into games that is not a game this might be something for you.  As for being caught playing this I would say if you have not played this and you think it is easy think again as you have been warned. 

     Yes my wife does have all 1000 of 1000 for this on her gamer tag.  I however only have 500 out of 1000, but then again she did grind this game out for two straight months before Fable 2, but that is a different story for another day.  Have a great gaming day.