Greetings, Bitmobbers! I feel somewhat obligated to a brief word or two before I lodge myself headfirst into this radical, organic, and largely appealing community we’re all creating right now.

I’m Justin M. Dennis, part-time student of journalism, part-time freelancer, full-time game tape enthusiast. I’d hope that, over time, if you continue to read my intermittent, non-sensical ravings on all things gaming, you’ll come to expect something a little more, shall we say, off-the-cuff.

Not only do I want to ruminate on the current state of the gaming industry and the newest releases/developments, I could see myself waxing philosphical from time to time, looking at how gaming is influencing our culture as a whole. Plan on seeing the occasional hard news item or industry-related oddity, whenever it strikes my fancy.

I urge anyone reading my blog to throw your two cents in and comment, if you feel so inspired. I’d love the feedback and really look forward to some intellectual parley. With the Bitmob concept, I think we, the gaming society at large, have an opportunity to change the face of gaming journalism–to bring fresh dialogue and new voices to the forefront. The next generation of gaming press writers are, no doubt, cutting their teeth here.

Makes me all tingly just thinking about it.

-Justin M.

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