So I finished Resident Evil 5 so here are my thoughts on it. This game has so many problems but I still had fun with theis game, so what did I like about the game. The graphics are great on the 360 it just looks so good when you are shooting a mosters head off its just awesome.  Bits of the story are fun but then there are really bad bits of the story and some of the boss fights from start of the game can be fun but near the end of the game they just can be stupid.

But lets talk about the bad bits about the game. The partner system I didn’t play this game online so so playing with an AI character is stupid because when she dies you die which just sucks because she is just dumb. Oh then there is the getting a gun or heath in the menu but doent pause the game, that is just stupid if you ask me. I do hate the Zombie/monster thing with guns they are just so annoying to me. Some of the monsters are just really hard by the end of the game its just stupid if you sak me.

Overll I still liked the game and I did have a lot of fun with its not the perfect game but to improve the next one they are going to have to do a lot of things and also they are going to have to take 6 years for that game to come because we don’t need another Resident Evil soon. But I am still a fan of the series its just not the best Resident Evil game.

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