Bubble Bobble Plus LogoTonight my girlfriend and I started playing Bubble Bobble Plus on the Wii. We started with the standard mode which is a complete remake of the first game but with updated graphics… and an extremely broken bubble jumping mechanic.

In most levels it isn’t a big deal, but once you hit 72 it takes some real finesse and a whole lot of frustration to get either Bub or Bob into proper postion to start attacking the enemies. It seems that Youtube user Mailanbr shares my frustration:

After about 10 minutes we figured out how to do it, but I remember the bubble jumping mechanic being so much easier in the original game. We just beat the "Standard" mode and we’ll be tackling "Super Standard" sometime later this week. Here’s hoping that there isn’t anything like stage 72 awaiting us on these new levels.

You can view the original article here at http://www.8bitguys.com.

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