Hello fellow gamer my name is Merrick Smith and I am THE LAY-ZEE GAMER AND THIS IS THE LAY-ZEE GAMER POST.

Frist and for most I would like to thank DAN THE MAN HSU AND THE BITMOB STAFF AND FRIENDS { SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO 1UP  STAFF  OLD & NEW, CO-OP , GAINTBOMB, GAMESPOT STAFF  OLD&NEW.} You have all taught and entertained me for the past 15 years and when it was time to move on ,I’m glad most stayed in the industry.  Every day you all share your knowledge  experience and love of gaming. To me  that’s  something money can’t buy so thanks you all for your hard work.


A great example of teaching and entertaining is this site THE BITMOB, it gives me Lay-zee Gamer and fellow Gamers a place to post and learn. I’m not a professional writer that might be evident to some, but I always speck and write  from my heart and gaming is in my  heart, blood and soul. I so happy  that I’ve found a site were I can type with out fear of trying to sound super articulate but expressive. I ‘m just not a very  articulate writer but I have some great ideas to share and hope you all post and let me know how to post better so I can grow and learn . 

So lets get started ,this post is about E3 and I wanted to post my wish list 2 weeks ago but my Lay-zee ass was too busy enjoying the web-net news and non news you know ,he said she said stories . But then I came across a news story on DESTRUCTOID MAY 28/O9   Psychic prediction for E3 ,[ If you have sometime read it , even after E3 its always fun to  go back to psychic reading to see what was and was not at E3.]. Well this article started me thinking  and left me with some question and thoughts about the Big3 at E3.

 ON A  SIDE NOTE[ I need you the Bitmob and the gaming community to help me find the answers to my question and statement, please post your question and opions, thats how I learn. Please help a fellow gamer learn , gaming knowledge is a terrible thing to waste BACK TO THE POST].

 I ‘m a grown man and nothing gets me more exsited when it comes to entertainment than E3 and this year it fells like santa has come to E3 town and with all the greatness thats will be revealed , I’m in trouble I’ll have to work 2 jobs 1 just to  pay for game.Whats Lay-Zee to do ? two jobs or no games  WHAT A DILEMMA , but I guess there are worse problem to have and everyone has problems.

I have put about 6 hours  in today and intend to post  E3 THE BIG 3 AND ME LAY-ZEE just not today. ITS 10:30 I have to eat and play some godfather 2 .Happy E3 to any eyes that  reads this post. 1 love, to my fellow Bitmobers .(  I HOPE THAT’S MORE CLEAR AND IN THE FUTURE I WILL TAKE MORE TIME TO GO OVER  MY POSTS , THANKS YOU  FOR YOUR FEED BACK I WILL TRY TO DO BETTER.)